The members of our company group and our wholesale outlets cover the entire European parts commercial market, ensuring that all of our customers have quick access to our distributed parts anywhere in Europe.

A guarantee to this is our sales and local representative network, through which we can completely satisfy the needs of all our customers. Szakal-MET-AL places great emphasis on the introduction and application of the most modern technologies. We believe that we have to share our knowledge and experience with domestic and foreign professionals. To this end we continuously organize partner meetings and we are present at all major professional events.
Our extensive contractor network and our unique warehouse stock in the region ensure that we can satisfy our customers’, Your parts requirements immediately, regardless of which European or global model. We continuously expand our product range while flexibly conforming to our customers’ requirements. Our self-developed webshop, website and soon to start our webshop provides up-to-date information about our offers.


Members of SZAKAL METAL Groupi:


hu  Hungary  Szakál-Met-Al Zrt.
cs  Czech Republic  Szakal-Met-Al S.R.O
ro  Romania  Szakal-Met-Al S.R.L.
hr  Croatia  Szakal-Met-Al D.O.O
sr  Serbia  Szakal-Met-Al D.O.O
ua  Ukraine  O.O.O.Szakal-Met-Al
bg  Bulgaria  Szakal-Met-Al O.O.D


Since its founding, Szakál METAL has formed and expanded its range of activities conforming to customer requirements. Accordingly, the group continuously develops its strategy and structure.Realizing in time the need for quality parts supply, today our continuously growing group almost completely covers the personal and utility vehicle parts and motorized parts market of Central and Eastern Europe.


In the 60 years since its founding in 1947, Szakal-MET-AL has acquired incomparable professional experience and knowledge. This made it possible for us to build Central and Eastern Europe’s largest motor parts dealership in harmony with our company philosophy.